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Help with Problems During Training

QuABB assists young people to successfully complete their vocational training. If problems at work, at school or in private life arise, young people can turn to their QuABB guidance counsellors. It makes no difference whether the problem is a major one such as the imminent termination of a contract, or a minor one such as providing assistance with forms and public offices.

The vocational training coaches are available for consultation during office hours on a regular basis at the vocational schools. They can be reached by telephone and email. Advice provided is always free and kept confidential. The contact details and office hours of the vocational training coaches at a vocational school in your area are available here.

Qualified Training Assistance provided within the framework of the QuABB state program aims at preventing people from abandoning their participation in the dual training system. QuABB is a German abbreviation that stands for professional coaching during the vocational training in companies and at vocational schools. The program is a Hesse-wide system of support for vocational training courses in crises which acts both acutely and preventively. Training assistance provided at the respective QuABB locations is rendered by local agencies. It is administered and controlled by the Hesse-wide Coordination Office at involas, the Institute for Vocational Education and Training, Labour Market and Social Policy. QuABB is sponsored financially by by the European Union and with funds from the State of Hesse.

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Statewide coordination and steering structure